We catch the fish every time you take it out of the water …!


Satin Protein Yara Maham Company (Suprim) is proud to have been producing for about a quarter of a century with the aim of developing and promoting a culture of aquaculture consumption in the household food basket.

The company’s comprehensive program in phase one is to produce a variety of canned tuna in different weights and with different flavors (with olive oil, pepper, fennel and smoked), meat and non-meat canned foods, including canned beans, legumes, etc.

These products are prepared from the best raw materials and without preservatives in the brands of Suprim, Galareh, Kashkan and Nomel to serve the health of the people. The second phase of the company’s activity is packing all kinds of aquatic fillet meat and other aquatic products.

The company’s canned products are produced using the most modern refrigeration and packaging equipment and using the best manufacturing and production technology, in addition to domestic markets, have a history of presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Georgia, Armenia, Kurdistan region, United Arab Emirates. And Qatar intends to enter the Russian market in the near future.

The company’s policy is always to protect consumer rights.We hope to achieve this with the help of God and by relying on the efforts of the staff.

تن ماهی دودی ساپریم
تن ماهی دودی ساپریم
تن ماهی دودی ساپریم
تن ماهی دودی ساپریم
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